About CNMI MathCourt

The CNMI MathCourt Competition is a series of meets that occur throughout the school year. At each meet, several tests are offered to measure the mathematical achievement of students at every grade level and award those students showing the highest levels of mastery at each level.

The competition began in 2005 in order to promote mathematics in the CNMI. The elementary and middle school competitions were centered on the CNMI PSS mathematics benchmarks. In the high school division, the focus had been on mental math and topics taken from several textbooks. Since then, the competition has gone through several changes in terms of the focus and style of the questions. In its current form, the elementary test in the K-2 Division is primarily oral with the students writing their answers on a piece of paper. In the 3-5 Division, Middle School Division, and High School Division, the test format changes dramatically as the students are required to read the questions themselves and answer them within a specified time frame. Additionally, in 2010, the CNMI sent its first state team to the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) Competition. The test continues to grow and adapt to the changing curriculum and needs of the students in the CNMI.

Divisions of MathCourt
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K-5 Division
Middle School Division (6-8)
High School Division (9-12)